What We Do

What we do best

The need for security has become paramount for any household and organization big and small all over the world.

At RicTa Business Solutions, we boast in our expertise in all areas of security serving individual customers, residential properties, and organizations big and small.

We are able to cater for single networks/installations and those which are interconnected across different geographical sites, branches and/or satellite offices.

  • Residential & Business Security Services

    We take the ‘what ifs’ out of home security; you can be rest assured that you, your family and your property are adequately protected.

  • Using Smart Technology

    We watch out for your family and property when you’re away – including via GPRS or IP monitoring. You can even control your alarm system via your smartphone.

  • Preventing Fire Damage

    When integrated with your monitored security system, a smoke alarm gives you 24/7 protection – even when you’re not at home. That’s something a non-monitored smoke alarm can’t deliver.

  • Proven Expertise

    With a combined 15+ years of experience in securing homes, office and multi-site corporate facilities, we’re well placed to protect your property. Our systems are based on the latest technologies and supported by our team 24/7.

  • Accountability

    We accept responsibility for our actions, products and service offerings, decisions made and policies implemented both as individuals and as an organization.