RicTa Business Solutions

We boast in our expertise in all areas of security serving individual customers, residential properties and organizations big and small.

We also install and service industrial and residential electrical work.

From the basic call to the large jobs, we have a reputation of exceeding our client’s expectations –  the reason why our clients keep coming back and recommending business to us.


  • Alarm Systems

    We install and service all range of alarm systems linked to various triggers within your home or office.

  • Clocking Systems

    We ensure that the system which we recommend will make the payroll and managing people more efficient.

  • Access Controls

    Access control systems are used to manage access at designated entry/exit points for selected times and/or days.

  • Gates Installation

    We have a special eye for detail and ensure a neat and tidy installation.

  • Intercoms System

    We are available to install and service speech only or video and speech intercom

  • CCTV Systems

    We will ensure that we recommend modern day technology solutions to cater for your specific needs…

  • Turnstiles

    Installation dependant on the location and desired traffic flow management.

  • Fibre Optic Solutions

    We can install, splice and maintain fibre optic solutions…

  • Electrical Installations

    We fix and maintain any electrical problems in your home or office.

  • Electric Fences

    We provide a safe and secure electric fence installation services.

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How we work and our Experience

Feedback for our Clients

Thumbs up to you!! Now I don’t have to push my gate in this chilly weather.

I was having problems with my electric fence for the past 3 months with numerous visits from other service providers. One visit from the RicTa Team and I am happy now. Thanks Richard for the job well done!!

Competitive prices and good service. Thank you RicTa.

You really are a team of stars, thank you so much 🙂

You guys have been wonderful! Will definitely keep you in mind, not only for us but for our friends 🙂